Great Fun

Mark Perry is having fun with the new proposal to raise the minimum wage.  To wit:

Something must be done about this unacceptable situation. Without some kind of government intervention in the market for low temperature readings being registered on existing thermometers and thermostats, Mother Nature will continually and ruthlessly expose the elderly in the UK, America and other cold climate countries to harsh winter conditions of unconscionably low temperatures. Who among us wouldn’t agree that these excessively low winter temperatures are unfair, unreasonable, unjust and even “immoral”

His neat solution is to change thermometers.  Perry notes this is pending legislation and MWG would add that is even more cynical because it appears that there is no time to pass it.  The legislation is proposed so brownie points are earned from pressure groups (some unions have contracts tied to the minimum wage) but it can’t pass so no damage is done to the fragile economy that is in the hands of the Democrats.  It is a challenge to be cynical enough.


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