Which of these is not like the other?

John Hinderaker approvingly quotes Jeff Sessions list for improving the economy:

* Produce more American energy

* Eliminate all costly and wasteful regulations

* Make the tax code more globally competitive

* Ensure fair trade so our workers can compete on a level playing field

* Adopt an immigration policy that serves American workers

* Turn the welfare office into a job training center

* Streamline the government to make it more productive, and

* Balance the federal budget to restore economic confidence

And concludes that

It strikes me that Sessions has identified the economic principles that all Republicans should make their platform in this year’s elections.

As they say on a children’s show, one of these things are not like the others.  One item says to eliminate all wasteful regulations while another item says to promulgate them to create the moving target of fair trade.  Without free trade the list is an non-starter for us.



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