More Outsourcing

Tom Still has an interesting half-article on what we discussed yesterday.  He makes the important point that:

Outsourcing has become an issue in the governor’s race because Republican Walker has gone after Democrat Burke over the supposed outsourcing of jobs by Trek, the Waterloo-based bicycle manufacturer. Founded by Burke’s father, Richard, and now led by her brother, John, Trek employs about 1,000 people in Wisconsin and another 800 abroad. It cranks out high-quality bikes in Wisconsin as well as Germany, Holland and China – precisely because Trek wants to be close to those markets, too.

Well, labor prices in China might have something to do with the decision but yes, economic freedom is a good thing with good results.  Unfortunately as Heineman but not Still mentions, “The debate heated up in political years (including 2012), when “outsourcing” became an especially a dirty word.” Now Heineman is is arguing that it should no longer be a dirty word and we agree with him on both counts.  Still is only arguing that outsourcing is OK.  So we all support economic freedom like outsourcing.

Why, you ask, does Still only have half an article?  He says:

The increasingly curious exchange between incumbent Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke over the “outsourcing” of jobs illustrates how political campaigns and economic realities seldom mesh.

True, but he doesn’t get to the interesting part of it.  The interesting part is that the party of economic freedom, led by Walker, is complaining about the use of economic freedom by Trek while the party of centralization, led by Burke, cannot admit that Trek effectively used economic freedom to become more successful.  If Burke used Still’s article as a rejoinder it would be a great step forward but the opportunity was missed.  

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