Steely Dan Concert

We took Lady de Gloves to the Steely Dan concert in Madison.  The Overture Center is a great place to watch a concert and Steely Dan was excellent.  It was all about the music.  If you wanted to listen to it, dance to it, or just be the music then you were in luck.  If you wanted Springsteen or Rod Stewart antics then you were out of luck.  They came to play the music.  They out Claptoned Clapton.  About the only thing that was said beyond thank you was, “If you are of a certain age you may have heard this.”  There were no dancing guitar players, no whirling sax players, no dueling instruments, and definitely no costumes.  They played the Steely Dan hits as well as they could and that was very well.  With four pieces of brass, three guitars, two keyboards and three singers backing up [seems to weak a phrase here] Donald Fagen they were in full voice on every song.

You know what you are getting.  Enjoy it



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