Facebook Trash

We can’t be convinced to comment about the stupidity of confusing market changes in labor prices with government mandated one.  The word minimum should not appear before wage in any story about market prices.  Some of the comments on Keystone shook us out of our ennui.  Our Facebook page came up with a quote something (it won’t copy) like the following:

I applaud the President for vetoing the the Keystone Pipeline bill.  This veto tells the world that our nation takes seriously the planetary crisis of climate change.  Climate change is real.  It is caused by human activity and is already causing devastating problems.  I urge my colleagues to sustain the president’s veto.  Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

We almost commented that Burlington Northern was very happy about the outcome but Facebook isn’t the place for serious discussion.  The quote is nonsense because the veto has nothing to do with climate change.  It is about how and where will the oil be delivered.  Right now they are building a second set of tracks near our home to get all the oil through via train.  Climate change is not an issue.  Train or pipeline is the issue.  Where does it goes (US, China, Europe) is an issue.

There is also an international issue.  To what extent does the US want to insult Canada?  Quite a bit it seems.


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