Obama’s pitch

The President came to the heartland today to try to argue that his policies have been less than an economic disaster.  He has gumption if nothing else!

More importantly, he took responsibility for absurd idea that expanding overtime for salaried employees is a good idea.  When we first saw this idea floated we thought that it must just be a trial balloon that the President could back off on but he said today (we assume he is informed of his speeches before he reads them):

We’re making more workers eligible for the overtime that you’ve earned. And it’s one of the single most important steps we can take to help grow middle-class wages. It’s going to give as many as 5 million Americans, including 80,000 folks right here in Wisconsin, the overtime protections they deserve.

This would appear to be especially problematic for small CPA firms.  Large firms pay more and escape the onerous conditions.  All CPA firms have a model of expanded hours in the busy season and fewer in the summer.  Will this lead to fewer firms, fewer hires, or both.  He also came out for increasing the minimum wage.  His accomplishments in free trade he denigrated by calling them “fair trade”.  It is a good time to be a Republican candidate.  No matter why you say you sound more presidential.


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