The Bernie and The Donald

Perhaps The Bernie and the Donald can create a third party: Idiots.

Today on our Facebook page up pops, “Bernie Blasts Jeb Bush for Blaming Obama for His Brother W’s Failed Economy.”  It appears that W has been using Jedi mind tricks over the past six plus years to hold back the recovery.  As someone says in the movie, they only work on weak minds.

Like Jim Geraghty, we are skeptics, or perhaps the next step over, on the Trump candidacy.  Trump is the ADHD candidate.  We will leave it for others to decide if he is primarily hyperactive impulsive or combined impulsive and inattentive.  We would tend toward the latter.

So the solution is to have them on the same ticket.  Let them create the party and vie for president and VP.  It would be great TV.  Our only concern with the idea is that there is a chance that the idiots would win.


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