Never Waste A Tragedy

Part of a front page opinion (not marked as such) today:

At nearly all workplaces in America today, regulators, insurers and workers themselves demand safeguards to make it less likely for a careless mistake to become a tragedy. Coal mines, factories and construction sites are safer as a result.

Not the family farm. Minnesota and other Midwestern states allow small farmers to rely on their own judgment and experience to decide what’s safe and what isn’t. State and federal budget cuts have slashed farm training and safety programs, even as farm machines have become more powerful and more dangerous.

In case you are wondering, the article does not think it is a good idea that the people doing the work (who are also the owners) should be using their own judgment.  The left and some on the right are enamored with family farms.  Only the left wants to regulate their love out of business.  There is no reason to favor family farms but there is no reason to subject them to full bureaucracy either.  A family farm (and a home) is different than a factory.  Even the government should recognize that.

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