The Customer Is Always Right

A group has found a way to make a profit by delivering a service.  In this case, they deliver white guilt to college students and other groups:

The Lost Voices found purpose in tragedy.

Each of the eight members who visited University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to speak to students Thursday evening at Valhalla in the Cartwright Center shared their personal stories, speaking about how the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson changed their lives.

If you were hoping that the group was there to stop blacks being terrorized by folks likd Michael Brown, then you are sadly mistaken:

“Why would (Wilson) do that?” Jones remembered asking. “I thought police were supposed to protect us,” she said.

Jones took to the streets, where she met others who felt the same horror and anger, and demanded Wilson be held accountable for Brown’s death, arguing against the grand jury decision not to charge Wilson and put him on trial.

Capitalism is an amazing system that provides for the wants of the consumer.  Neither MWG or Bernie gets should decide what is provided.  Buyers decide that.  There is the issue of the buyer.  It is not exactly clear, but if student government funds (or taxpayer funds) were used then there are concerns.  The problem is that student government is unlikely to bring Heather MacDonald or even Megan McArdle on campus.  Providing guilt with OPM should require that there be a balanced presentation of views.  Selling guilt is entirely fine.

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