Information Battle

In Quantico, fictional Simon deals with with his (unknowing?) support of reprehensible acts by the IDF while in the real world Elliot Abrams reports that the High Level Military Group (HLMG) concluded:

We can be categorically clear that Israel’s conduct in the 2014 Gaza Conflict met and in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations’ militaries. It is our view that Israel fought an exemplary campaign, adequately conceived with appropriately limited objectives, and displaying both a very high level of operational capability as well as a total commitment to the Law of Armed Conflict. It did this under challenging circumstances on a formidably complex urban battlefield.

So, who are you going to believe?

Sidebar: We haven’t seen last night’s Winter Finale because we were watching the Patriots live in Houston.  We found it interesting that last week (?) the sexy twin (the ABC site only list the orthodox twin, Nimah so we are not sure if the sexy version is Reina or Raina), the less orthodox Muslim, seemed to have the more radical beliefs on Jewish behavior.  Is it just the fire in her or was it a marker?  End sidebar.

Is it the fictional pair of the sexy twin and the self-loathing Jew or the HLMG who studied it?  Our continuing point is that propaganda in the arts is more effective these days when it is included in the backstory or subplots rather than the main story.


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