Quantico Semi-final

Who is surprised that the White Privilege guy (WPG) is the bad guy in Quantico?  It seemed weird when it looked the the homosexual was going to take the fall figuratively but he only took it literally.  WPG just had to be the bad guy.  Simon is a Jew and a fake homosexual so he could have been it but he didn’t score as many negative social justice points as WPG.  Of course, Simon doesn’t get to be upset about the relatively more numerous hate crimes against Jews.  The Muslims get to be more upset about less.

Quantico is great fun (pretty girls, lots of boinking, pretty people doing stupid things) but it is really stupid.  They disarm the bomb that has a timer and then think, OK let’s have Simon let go of the bomb switch.  Doesn’t it seem likely that the switch goes to another bomb?  One without a timer?  At least it will help the new agents move up quickly by blowing up their superiors.

There will continue to be awful propaganda.  WPG mom is running for Vice-President and makes Carley’s comments seem tame.  The counter-propaganda is the incompetence and evilness of the government and especially the FBI, the folks with guns.  The expansion of government is a problem if it can’t handle its monopoly on force.

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