28 Year Wait Is Over

After 28 years MWG finally won a game against his Nemesis.  We have been playing each other for 28 years and MWG has not won a solitary game to 21.  Not a match mind you but a single game to 21.  When we had more players the beatings were irregular but given the shortage of players we now get humbled every week so we can all get enough games.  There are always three games to 21 and if MWG makes a total of 30 in the three games then it has been an excellent week.

Today there was a miracle.  On the opponent’s serve at 20-19, we killed one left-handed off the back wall and a good serve and good volley led to the strangest of results.

We know a excellent tournament player who is unfortunate enough to match age groups with one of the great players in history.  I once asked him how many times he has beat him.  The answer was: “Once.”  We know a little bit about how he felt today.



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