Today’s Facebook fun

There are lots of bizarre Facebook posts this weekend.  Let’s check three.

The Bernie: “Nothing is more important than passing on a healthy earth”

Is this an admission that he is giving up socialism?  Market tested betterment is the key to a better environment.

President Obama is officially in the last year of his presidency. Are you proud of what he’s accomplished in office?

We are delighted he is in his last year.

“If President Obama were a white Republican with these same economic gains on the heels of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, they would be hoisting him up on the same pedestal as Ronald Reagan.”

Two points: First, it only matters a bit what color the Republican is.  The press will go after any version of Republican although they do reserve special venom for non-white Republicans.  Second, If a Republican had as dismal a record as Obama, MSM would be calling for the president’s scalp.  They would be like Bernie except they would name names.  It only means that Bernie is right about the diagnosis.


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