Core Importance

We think core curriculum rather than the particular majors offered by schools should be important to conservatives.  Here is an example of why from Powerline.

AU Experience II (1 or 3 credits TBD): A three-credit required course,taken by all AU students in their second semester, normally with the same discussion leader and students and in the same hybrid, discussion-intensive mode as AU Experience I. AUx2 will delve more deeply into the sociological and psychological aspects of the individual and society introduced in AUx1, with special attention to issues of diversity, inclusion, and community. Readings and assignments will include historic and contemporary literature, film, and data on oppression and resistance. Students will explore how historical violence, such as the early slave trade and genocidal conquests, shape the contemporary experiences of marginalized groups and struggles for human rights. Class materials will consider how entrenched systems of inequality marginalize some groups and privilege others. Students will be encouraged to apply what they learn to their individual and collective situation in the multi-cultural environment that is AU. [Emphasis added by Powerline.]

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