Facebook Fun

It was hard with a weekend of foolishness coming on but we kept it to two: Citizens United decision and inequality.

There are 445 likes for The Bernie when he says: Today is the six year anniversary of Citizens United, one of the most disastrous Supreme Court decisions in my lifetime [Ed. remember he is 74].  Join our political revolution to overturn it.

He was alive for the Japanese Internment decision.  It means the Democratic candidates are firmly against free speech.  Don’t forget that Citizens United was about censoring a movie about Herself so there is no chance she is for free speech.  Bernie has supported the second amendment in the past but seems to be reconsidering recently.

There are 257 folks that like Oxfam America’s demand that corporations pay their fair share.  It also notes that the 62 richest people have the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest.  They seem to think the second sentence is bad news.

Two things about this: First, other than envy, who cares about the rich?  We care about the poor.  We know the way to help the poor: market tested betterment.  We need to encourage it at home and around the world.

Second, as we know, corporations are tax collectors.  They transfer money from individuals to governments.  We impoverish ourselves (the United States) and the world by our incentive destroying tax system.  Kevin Williamson (and MWG) support eliminating corporate taxes entirely.  It would be good for the United States and probably good for the world.  Rather than keep the money offshore let’s let it be invested at home.  While we are doing useful things we could eliminate all our tariffs too.


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