Learning From Reality

Kevin Williamson is offering a limited endorsement of DeRay McKesson for mayor of Baltimore.  It is a very limited endorsement:

And if the education of DeRay Mckesson turns out to be as deliciously brutal and pitiless as expected, then it also presents an opportunity to educate, to some extent, a generation of silly and ignorant young activists in aching need of a swift kick in the ass from reality.

The problem is that reality never intrudes on these folks.  As Kevin mentions, Detroit, Baltimore, and other municipalities have spectacular corruption and have had it for some time.  Their politics is like the folks that believe they can create a perpetual motion machine.  Just as the perpetual motion folks are ignorant of physics, the folks running the corrupt municipalities that hope for a successful outcome are ignorant of economics.  They think if they can jigger this or that they can get the system to work.  Of course, a lot of the folks involved in those municipalities are just corrupt and are looking for a good personal outcome rather than a good outcome for the city.

Our prediction, with the SuperBowl crow still caught in our throat, is that either Mr. Mckesson won’t learn from reality or he will become happily corrupt.  They rarely learn from reality, as Venezuela shows:

“You will have to come and overthrow me if you want to pass a privatization law. No, no and no!”

We don’t know if Mr. Maduro didn’t learn or is happily corrupt or both but there is no evidence of the learning that Kevin would like. Of course, Mr. Mckesson will need to win the election to test the prediction.


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