Kudos And A Comment

Neo-neocon has a great post on the state of the race for Presidential nominations.  We agree that it has been particularly cruel.  The Republicans started out with perhaps the most impressive field in history … and they will end up with Trump?  The Democrats never had a chance but that has been true all along.  It is depressing but we are somewhat more optimistic than her final paragraph:

It strikes me, and not for the first time, that the Trump candidacy may represent the death knell of conservatism, probably for a long time in this country, maybe forever. Conservatism has long been a hard sell, swimming against the tide of so many cultural influences and against the gimme-ism inherent in human beings. But I don’t count it out yet.

We are more optimistic because trouble is coming down the pike and the country will need conservatives to fix it.

Sidebar: We commented earlier on Christie’s interest in reforming entitlements.  How could he endorse Trump?  End sidebar.

Personalities like Obama and Trump that ignore the gathering storm will mean that there will be an opportunity for conservatives (Churchill in this analogy) to come in and fix it.  And like Sir Winston, they might be thrown out after they save the country.  There is still space for pessimism but electorates, including ours, that have made foolish choices have come to their senses before.

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