Herself Versus The Donald

We are not supporters of The Donald (except for the general election) but David Harsanyi at NRO has lost his mind.  His title says it all: Why President Trump Would Be A Bigger Disaster Than President [Hillary] Clinton.  He seems serious.

We are willing to agree that The Donald is completely untrustworthy.  You don’t know what you will get with him.  Harsanyi is optimistic that gridlock will stop Herself.  Does he mean like it stopped the current President?  She will galvanize conservatives.  Like now?

Even though he is untrustworthy, there are two reasons to think that The Donald will help conservatives.  First, he might stop illegal immigration.  It is his issue.  Second, he will nominate better judges than Herself.  We don’t know how good but they will be better.  It is likely that four Supreme Court Justices (Scalia, already vacant, Ginsburg (b. 1933), Kennedy (b. 1936), and Breyer (b. 1938)  will be replaced in the next eight years.  As the last three presidents have all been re-elected despite challenges, you should expect the 2016 winner to win in 2020.

Don’t vote for The Donald in the primaries but do vote for him in the general.  He deserves our support in the general if he is nominated.  It would not be a good choice but it would be the best choice.




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