Let’s Start A Rumor

According to James Freeman at the WSJ:

Mr. Trump said under questioning from Mr. Cruz that his tax returns have been getting audited continually for 12 years, and speculated afterward on CNN that it might be because he’s a “strong Christian.” The audits apparently began around the time that Mr. Trump was preparing to marry for the third time.

If we believe The Donald’s fuzzy assertions that he is still getting auditing and it started after a divorce then the conclusion must be that this is a criminal investigation of The Donald’s taxes.  According to FindLaw, the IRS generally has three years to assess taxes but may extend that to six years under certain circumstances.  So at least six and perhaps nine of the twelve years are gone.  If, however, there are criminal violations like fraud, there is not statute of limitations.

The second piece of evidence supporting this rumor is his divorce and third try at matrimony.  High stakes divorce means that a subject must attest to his net worth.  The IRS needs a beginning net worth to a proceed.  Divorces are a great source of a beginning point because the person has signed a legal document to that effect.  Even better for the IRS, these folks often underestimate their net worth to reduce the divorce settlement.  That means that it is easier to show unreported income.

We hope we are not stuck with Herself versus The Donald this summer and fall.  But if we are we hope they are both defending themselves in court.


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