First Thursday

Every first Thursday the handball players meet with no scheduled matches.  Everybody can play everyone else.  Of course, these days everybody is a small number.  Tonight, however, there was interesting news.  At 15-20 playing doubles against a team including the best player in the city (yes it is a very small number but he is still by far the best) your humble scribe ran six points for a 21-20 victory.  Happy days.

After handball we retired for refreshments.  On of the topics was the election.  In a forced choice, Herself or The Donald, the vote was 7-1 for The Donald with one vote for Castro.   The sample was (half of these folks are retired-well yes there are nine but four are retired and one of them has retired twice but is still working) four manufacturing  employees, a meat cutter, cop, professor, physical therapist, and investment advisor.  It is all males so it is not a great sample but does have some variety.  We were surprised at the outcome.

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