It was a meeting of the Gloves clan.  Without any prodding, a middle schooler in the clan pipes up that the job of bringing beverages to the pool is one he would not take.  We were shocked.  It would have been the second-best job we ever had.  This is a job at a pretty exclusive resort that is in the high tip sector.  The clients are generally pleasant.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The job is not especially demanding (although you should take pictures for the clients to maximize your tips – it is about personal service) and the remuneration is likely to be very pleasant.

MWG working background includes picking mountain laurel, driving a truck, working at a chicken farm (we would recommend avoiding the chicken farm), working in a factory, and delivering newspapers.  Working at a world-class resort would be way nicer than any of those and probably more remunerative.  Being a faculty member was much harder work than serving drinks at a resort but it was (in our humble opinion) more fun and it might have paid more.

Obviously, it is only a sample of one but it doesn’t look good.  The Gloves brothers have all worked at unpleasant jobs.  The next generation has done some of that but as much and the generation that follows (again, we recognize the small sample and the middle schooler might have more interesting vocational experiences) but it is a reason to be concerned about the future of the country.


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