Energy Nonsense

We’ve included this in the Press Bias category because the reporters were not incredulous enough when reporting this (OK, it was in The Guardian):

The Rockefeller Family Fund, a charity set up in 1967 by descendants of John D Rockefeller, said on Wednesday that it would divest from all fossil fuel holdings “as quickly as possible”….“There is no sane rationale for companies to continue to explore for new sources of hydrocarbons,”

The proper reaction comes from Steven Hayward at PowerLine who gave them the Green Weenie of the Century (obviously and deservedly, he is awarding it early):

Power Line thinks ridding themselves of the very company from which the entire family’s fortune originated more than a century ago is the least the Rockefellers can do. Since John D. Rockefeller was the original robber baron [strike through did not copy] climate criminal, every Rockefeller should immediately disgorge all of their assets and redistribute them to the victims of climate change everywhere. I’m sure Kenneth Feinberg is available to organize the redistribution.

Remember that Hayward has his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.  One a more serious note, such nonsense has grave implications for everyone but especially the developing  world.  When we take away their economic freedom then the opportunities to progress or even survive is restricted.   It is stupid and cruel but it seems to make some rich people feel better about themselves.  Hydrocarbons will be our main source of energy for the next century.  To not seek them is beyond foolish.



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