Decision Day Nears

Wisconsin’s open primary comes this Tuesday.  It provides the most difficult presidential vote we have ever made.  All other primaries have been concluded or had easy choices and, since we have reached voting age, the Democrats have decided to veer left so the general election has been easy.  Polls show that both races are close.  Cruz has a six point lead over Trump and a larger lead over he who will not be named while The Bernie has a two point lead over Herself.

Wait a sec, didn’t you say that you would only vote for Trump in the general?  Yes.  And your attitude of not naming the third Republican suggests that you would vote for Cruz.  Yes, our GOP vote would surely be for Cruz.  He, by far, would make the best president of the remaining candidates for that office.

What is the problem then?  We don’t want Hillary to be president in any scenario.  Helping The Bernie win Wisconsin will drag Herself further to the left and make her even less in a position to win the general.  It might even lead to Herself not being inevitable.  We are following the polls and still have not yet made a decision.  No early voting for us.


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