He Who Shall Not Be Named

The WSJ gets it exactly wrong when it says about He Who Shall Not Be Named (HWSNBN):

[HWSNBN] defeats Hillary Clinton by 6.3 points in current head-to-head polls, according to the Real Clear Politics average. Mr. Cruz loses by 3.1 and Mr. Trump by 10.8. Changing these polls would require gut renovations of the Trump and Cruz public images that will be hard for either to execute.

It will be hard to change these polls for Cruz and Trump but it will be easy to change the results for HWSNBN.  Because he has been finishing fourth in a three man race, he is the back-up quarterback that everyone loves until they look at his play.  We are with The Donald on this one.  It is time for HWSNBN to end the vanity and leave the stage to The Donald and The Ted.


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