On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin provided momentum for The Ted and The Bernie.  People self-sorted themselves in the open primary to provide convincing victories for both.  It looks like a death blow to The Donald’s hope of 1,237.  We don’t see him being nominated by the GOP on any ballot other than the first and now that seems highly unlikely.

How did we sort ourselves?  Bernie’s last pitch Monday night was anti-trade.  Although it is hard to characterize Trans-Pacific as a free trade agreement, NAFTA and the rest can be fairly characterized as such so we decided to vote for The Ted as we would like him to be president couldn’t even support The Bernie to stop Herself.

We have a question for each party going Forward (it is the Wisconsin state motto).  For the GOP, what does He Who Shall Not Be Named (HWSNBN) want from The Ted?  It seems clear that his plan of being The Donald’s VP is gone because The Donald has asked him to leave and The Donald is dead in the water.  He wants to negotiate at the convention.  What is the minimum bid?

For the Democrats, how committed are those super delegates?  As Herself continues to lose states can they bail out on her?  We don’t know.


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