GOP Nominee

We have three thoughts on the recent events in the race for the GOP nomination.

First, what about Carly and Ted?  We love it but we hope it isn’t too late.  Carly is a perfect match for Ted, especially in the battle against Herself.  Carly brings personality, management skills, and the right chromosomes to the election.  She has been our choice for VP for some time.

Second, Governor Walker versus Daniels and Pence in Indiana.  As noted in PowerLine, Scott Walker did the right thing and exhibited leadership in Wisconsin while Daniels and Pence have been AWOL in Indiana.  Unless things change in Indiana we need to remember these actions when ’20 and ’24 come around.

Third, Boehner’s comments on Cruz where Ted was called the Devil incarnate amongst other things.  It seems to be just what Ted needed.  Boehner is the especially hated part of the GOP establishment.  He hates Ted and is buddies with The Donald.  As has been noted, this would seem to be exactly the endorsement that Ted needs to become the anti-establishment choice.

It still looks like The Donald versus Herself but the second item shows that leadership matters, the first item shows that Cruz is trying, and the third item suggests some reason to think that Ted has some ammunition to create some momentum.


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