Trump And Turnbull

Australia and the US are having the similar challenges on the right. Remember that down under the conservative party is correctly identified as liberal and that the Aussies use a parliamentary system with two houses.  Here is Jo Nova:

The issue: Is it better to vote for the lesser of two evils and hope a Turnbull-led party can be reformed after a win, or is it better to think long term, take the medicine and rebuild in opposition — and is there a realistic third choice?

We are unconvinced that losing is good.  Political parties usually make faulty analysis of both winning and losing.  There is a big difference in a parliamentary system where the leader controls both the legislative and executive.  The Donald would only control the latter.  On the other hand, if Turnbull wins he is not term limited and can get more done because he controls the legislature.

Our take is that Turnbull is a bigger danger in Australia than The Donald is in the USA.  We are completely unconvinced by NeverTrump.  We are not familiar with the choices in Australia but we see losing to win in the future as a purer conservative party as always a dangerous gamble.  It is all about risk preferences.  We are risk averse.

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