Trump In The General

David French and the never Trumpsters are back at it on NRO:

So, yes, the options are all bad — in the short term. But broaden your view beyond the race against Hillary, and the choice becomes easier: Will you sacrifice your integrity, your moral fiber, and your intellect for the sake of a single election cycle? A person who spends the next several months defending the indefensible, trying to make sense of the senseless, and excusing the inexcusable stands to do permanent damage to his reputation and the reputation of the movement he represents.

We are not with them.  Mark Steyn matches our take with the exception that we think Cruz still has a chance to be the nominee:

Cronyism and populism advance to the Super Bowl. Deal with it. They’re the only two teams left. Pick yours.

We pick The Donald over Herself.  We are not excited about The Donald and not donating to the Republican Party in this go-around.  We are not sacrificing:
Our integrity
Our moral fiber
Our intellect

Never Trump represents the authoritarian right and it is not a pretty thing.  We are not doing any of the things French suggests we are.  It is a vote where we are not happy about the choices.  We will probably have a choice between Herself and The Donald and think that The Donald is a better choice.  We are not arguing that he is a good choice or that we support most of his positions.  If, in the general election, we vote for anyone other than the GOP nominee then we vote for Herself.  We think that is the wrong choice both short-term and long-term.  Vote for Herself if you think she is better than the Donald.  Don’t wimp out and go third party.

Put another way: Nixon was a better choice than McGovern.  We are glad we supported Tricky Dick despite his flaws.  The GOP recovered in four years.

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