Be Serious George

We’ve been George Will fans for decades but sometimes he becomes a runaway locomotive on some issue.  The Donald and the future of the GOP has become one of those issues.  Today he says:

Republican quislings will multiply, slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential aspirant in their party’s history. These collaborationists will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction.

Well, we we are not sure about either sentence but we are interested in the second.  If the GOP wants to win national elections it needs to involve enough folks to win a national election.  If the GOP becomes a home only conservative true believers then it becomes incredibly small.

Sidebar: What do we have to be true believers in to be a conservative.  We would including in our priorities as economic growth, Scalia on the Supreme Court, reforming entitlements (thus reducing or eliminating deficits), reducing government regulation (that includes tariffs).  We are willing to discuss immigration but we want the current laws enforced until there are changes.  We tend to side with the conservatives on social issues but they are not a priority for us.  It is a priority to stop attempts at attacking global warming and income inequality.  End sidebar.

Our position is clear: we only support Trump in the general.  We think that The Donald is a poor choice for president but that Herself is even worse.  We can see folks coming to the alternative decision.  It is a vote.  You need to pick the least worst.

Speaking of responsibility, we need to educate folks.  Everyone should be for free trade and economic growth.  Everyone should be explaining why income inequality and higher minimum wage laws are such foolish ideas.  Rather than fighting for Herself, we should be fighting for sensible ideas.


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