Versus Never Trump

From Jim Geraghty’s newsletter today:

The problem is that I don’t want a less leftist version of Obama’s executive-order-prone, Congress-ignoring, government-expanding, tax-hiking, IRS-abusing presidency. I want limited government, smaller and less expensive government, more individual liberty, and a strict adherence to the limits on government power enshrined in the Constitution. I want Rick Perry’s vision of a Washington D.C. that is less and less relevant to the lives of average Americans*.

Jim is a Never Trump who is confused that Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have said they will vote for Trump “after denouncing him repeatedly, passionately, and thoroughly in the primary. The simplest explanation [for Rick Perry], from where I sit, is some sort of head injury to the former governor.”  We have never seen the problem that bothers Jim.  Trump was always the worst choice of any serious Republican candidate  (yes, yes, it is the “no true Scotsman” issue but there are too many good GOP candidates to enumerate all of them).  Now we are down to the buffoon and the crook unless you think the fool has a chance on the Democrat side.

Sidebar: We have a handball celebration every month.  This month when we go to pay the bill the waiter tells us that another table near us has covered the beer and wrote the following on the receipt: Bernie 2016.  This seemed particularly apropos as the local primaries were already over and we would never get a chance to repay the favor.  It seemed just like Bernie economics.  End Sidebar.

We can see somebody picking the crook or still fighting for the fool but we are choosing the buffoon.  We don’t see Jim’s confusion.  Neither Herself or The Donald are going to go where we want (see the quote above) but one of those two people are going to win in November.  We prefer the buffoon because we think he is less awful than the alternative.  We will get to vote for Ron Johnson for Senate so there will be some joy at the ballot box.


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