Living To Tell The Tale

Jay Nordlinger had this note at NRO recently:

After the war, [Janos Horvath] was the youngest member of Parliament. Then came a long, productive American exile. (Ran for Congress, as a Republican!) After the fall of Communism, he returned to Hungary, where he reentered Parliament as the oldest member. How thrilling it must have been — how satisfying — to reenter that body, after all that time. It must have been a dream come true, really. Not so much his personal return to Parliament, but the death of Communism and the reintroduction of democracy.

While we were in Poland we had the joy of hearing a similar story.  The family’s mill was taken over by the Communists when they took over after WWII.  It did not prosper but the the father of the man that told us the story lived long enough for freedom to return and have the mill returned to him.  Of course, it had no value by then but the victory was the thing.  Jay was not privy to the story so he speculates how thrilling it must have been.  We can tell you that he was exactly right.


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