Herself-The Bernie Experiment

The #Nevertrump group continues to be taken to task by the opposition.  Taranto takes care of Charles Murray in three words: Consider the alternative.  We understand the lawyers and such getting confused about it but Murray is a social science guy.  It does not surprise us that Larry Kudlow at NRO is more open to The Donald than the philosophers and the lawyers.  Considering the alternative is instinctive to economists.  More on considering the alternatives in a sec.

Daniel Payne at the Federalist has “Seven Reasons To Vote For Hillary Instead Of Donald.”  We had intended to go in more detail but for our current purposes we point out that reason number one (!) is Donald Trump is a serial liar.  That is what Payne leads with in a piece that is supposed to be a comparison.  As #Nevertrump stalwart Jonah Goldberg notes today, “[Hillary’s] style of deception is more insidious.”  Really, these #Nevertrump folks need to do better.

Picking The Donald over Herself is easy for us because The Donald is close enough to a dominate solution.  He doesn’t win many categories but he doesn’t lose any that are significant to us.  The Bernie, on the other hand, presents a more difficult decision as the alternative to The Donald.  He is a fool on economics but an honest one.  Behavior would be one reason to prefer The Bernie.  Unfortunately, he is a fool but if we think he is a naive fool then perhaps he won’t cause much damage, especially with a GOP Congress.  We are not signing up to lead conservatives for The Bernie but Bernie-Donald is a more difficult decision for us than Hillary-Donald is.


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