Jay’s Lament

Jay Nordlinger has a great short item over at the NRO Corner.  We too would love to see such a third candidate.  Run Jay, run!  Well, not really.  Such folks have already been rejected by the GOP in 2016.  In 2012 we had the fool and Joe Biden (!) versus Mitt and Paul Ryan and the fool won.

We don’t need a new electorate.  We, as conservatives, need to eschew magical thinking  like Social Security is OK financially, and focus on relentlessly looking at the issues.  We also must recognize that politicians will never be pure and there is a limit to the battles that they can fight.  Let’s try to keep the Congress intact in 2016 and work on electing a serious president in 2020.

We are still voting for Trump in the general.  We are still unhappy with the choices just like Jay.  We still think there is no reason to make the worst choice in 2016 and think that it will help in 2020.  That would be more magical thinking.


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