Mitch and George

George Will has an article at NRO extolling Mitch Daniels.  The headline is the headline, Purdue Has The President America Needs.  Daniels is the president of Purdue and the former governor of Indiana.  We agree that he said nice things to the graduating class of 2016 about work and what not.  He is the anti-Obama.

Well, that is not quite enough.  As you might remember in the recent fight for the GOP nomination, Indiana was the tipping point.  You might also remember that Wisconsin could have been that tipping point but Scott Walker and others stepped up and Cruz won.  The GOP leadership in Indiana sat on their hands.  So yes we liked the recent speech by Mitch Daniels but we were very unimpressed by his actions.

We agree as President of Purdue that there may have been restrictions on his actions.  However, there were costs to Scott Walker too.  Daniels should have found a way to find his voice at that crucial time.


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