Brexit Again

In looking at Krauthammer, Will, and Kudlow we see a range of opinion over Brexit.  As we predicted, the media is aghast.  To summarize, Krauthammer thinks Northern Ireland and Scotland will leave the United Kingdom.  Will sees the happiness of nationhood and Kudlow thinks that this will lead to second coming of Thatcher.

We see it more with Will.  These are the choices for the British.  We hope the Kingdoms stay together but it is their choice.  We hope it leads to rational economic policies but with Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Labor there seems to be substantial doubt that the Tories can get it done.  We hope it works out for the best but these are surely their choices.

One thing that Herself, The Donald, and GOP can do to help is repudiate Obama’s threat to move the British to the back of the queue.  It is good for us, good for them, and good for the globe to get free trade started with the United Kingdom.


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