Brexit Borders

Ian Birrell is from the Mail and a speech writer for soon to be former Prime Minister Cameron.  At the WSJ he asks the question:

Yet no one seems able to answer the conundrum at heart of this debate: How can the U.K. keep European borders open for goods and services while limiting the free movement of people?

Seriously?  The UK will need a new treaty with the EU on goods and services.  That could be a problem if the EU reacts in a fit of pique.  Longer term it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sidebar one: Despite his foolishness with the queue, Obama has been silent to positive on the outcome of the Brexit vote.  Perhaps he can do something useful like propose an Anglo-American free trade zone during his lameness.  End sidebar one.

There is no conundrum between people and goods.  They already have the facilities for dealing with people.  Almost every county had limited entry restrictions on goods and substantial entry restrictions of people.  It is what countries do.  The UK will need a little insight into dealing with the folks already there because of EU rules.  There will be a couple of subcommittee meetings and Bob’s your uncle.

Sidebar two: We considered North Korea as an exception to the goods and people rule but we are not sure it is an exception.  It is extremely restrictive on people (although we have been a few feet inside North Korea at Panmunjom) and we suspect that it allows goods in more easily but has a hard time financing them.  End sidebar two.


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