Over Half A Loaf

George Orsborne, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, has it almost right at the WSJ:

The question now is not what Britain is leaving; it is what Britain will become. There are those who want our exit from the EU to signal that we should now turn our back on the world, resist the free-market forces of globalization and become a more insular, less tolerant place.

Orsborne It is the last part that is the question.  What does he mean by a less tolerant place?  It is in the WSJ so you suspect he is an open borders fan.  He says he wants:

Britain may be leaving the EU, but we are not withdrawing from the world. Britain will be a beacon for free trade, democracy and security, more open to that world than ever.

We hope he wins.  Free trade and lower tax rates will bring opportunity to Britain.  So will getting immigration under control.  Being open to trade is different than open borders.  We hope that the current candidates for president step up to support our cousins in Britain.  We are not holding our breath.

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