Sporting News

In today’s paper Howard Fendrich is discussing Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win and says:

It has been a rough few weeks for Britain, what with its vote to leave the European Union, the drop of the pound, and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron … [sorry no link as we have it ODT]

It would seem that two of those things are unambiguously good.  The drop of the pound is a more complex topic.  What was rough is that England lost to Iceland in the Euro soccer tournament.  That was a difficult time for England.  If Fendrich is looking for a reason why it has been a tough few weeks for England (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales all have “national” soccer teams) then that would be it.  Everyone is discussing if losing to Iceland in soccer is the worst English loss in history.  It is even sports.

Portugal won Euro 2016 over host France one to nil in extra time.  The interesting part is that Portugal’s star, Ronaldo (named after Ronald Reagan), was injured in the first ten minutes and had to come out of the game not long after that.  He was never a factor.  Portugal played great defense and not much else until they finally got a goal.  It wasn’t great soccer in the final and it was an up and down tournament but Portugal has a major tournament championship.

Many will say Portugal was lucky.  They would not have advanced under the old rules as they finished third in their group.  Finishing third because of Iceland’s last minute goal in another match put them in the weaker side of the draw.  It doesn’t matter.  Results do matter.  They made the most of their good fortune.  Enjoy the trophy Portugal.


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