Venezuela Approaches Nork

At least two cheers for Hannah Dreier of AP for following the story in Venezuela.  Perhaps we should have a tag for unbiased press?   Conditions in Venezuela are approaching those in North Korea.  One problem they have in common is that people spend much of their time chasing food.  Read it all (and check out North Korea) but here is a taste:

All Venezuelans, including children, are assigned two shopping days a week based on their state ID number. They line up before supermarkets open, guided by rumors and where they’ve had luck in the past. Some use fake IDs to score extra shopping days. Pregnant women and the elderly get their own priority lines, and everyone is limited to two units of whatever is on offer.

The longest lines are for what is in the shortest supply: food.

Nine out of 10 people say they can’t buy enough to eat, according to a study by Simon Bolivar University. Prices have been driven impossibly high by scarcity, hoarding and black market resellers.

People spend so much time shopping and waiting that they can’t have (or do their) jobs.  Just a reminder: this is what socialism can do to the country with the world’s largest oil reserves.  Think of what it can do to your country.


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