Epic Golf At Troon

The follow-up to Turnberry comes 39 years later.  In between we have seen several golfers lap the field at a major but rarely seen two lap the field like Watson and Nicklaus did at Turnberry where Watson won by one and Nicklaus had a 10 stroke lead over third place.

At Troon, Stenson and Mickelson were, perhaps even more dominant.  Stenson won by three and Mickelson was 11 ahead of JB Holmes in third.  On the first day Mickelson tied the record for the lowest round (63) in a major.  On the last day Stenson tied it as well.  Lest you think that the course was easy, there were only three 66s by all the other players (156 before the cut and 81 after) in the field.  Mickelson’s rounds were the lowest, tie sixth, tie eighth, second lowest.  Stenson’s rounds were tie 12th, lowest, tie lowest, lowest.  Mickelson was dominant and it could have easily happened that he won by 10 but Stenson was even better.

What Troon didn’t have that Turnberry did was history.  Nicklaus was the greatest golfer of his era and Watson was a legitimate challenger who would make Troon his second major in 1977 and third overall.  Stenson and Mickelson were under the radar in 2016 and it was Stenson’s first major at age 40.  It doesn’t change how great the golf they played was but it might have an impact on the history of Troon 2016.


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