Free Trade

The MWG version of free trade is unilateral.  We are for eliminating all US tariffs.  In evaluating Trump’s proposed trade policies we agree with James Capretta  from AEI but published at NRO:

Trump has claimed repeatedly that his plan to issue threats and ultimatums to U.S. trading partners is the quickest way to “bring jobs back” to the U.S.

What utter nonsense.

We agree 100% with Capretta and have commented on it often but it does not help with picking a presidential candidate to support because this is one area that Herself and The Donald agree.

From page 13 of the 2016 Democratic Platform:

Democrats acknowledge that for millions of Americans, global trade has failed to live up to its promise—with too many countries breaking the rules and too many corporations outsourcing jobs at the expense of American workers and communities.

It is unclear if the Democrats are more against the First Amendment (page 25, they want to overturn Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo) or free trade.  So if you are a free trader like us making a decision between Herself and The Donald, you must look at other criteria.  Both of them are forcefully against free trade.  Free trade is important to us and it is possible that we might have supported Herself if she was a strong supporter of free trade.  As it is we are with The Donald.


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