Strange Lede

The Hill reports:

In a blow to the healthcare law, Aetna — one of the largest health insurers in the country — announced Monday that it will significantly scale back its presence on the ObamaCare marketplaces next year. [emphasis added]

The lede has it exactly wrong.  Aetna is reeling from trying to comply.   The healthcare law, which one is that now, is forcing higher prices and lower profits.  A bit later on:

The mix of ObamaCare enrollees has been smaller and sicker than expected. Some experts say that insurers also set their premiums too low. Premiums are expected to rise more sharply in 2017, which could help insurers address some of the losses.

That is a neat trick.  But Aetna’s decision is not the blow to the healthcare disaster named after our current president.  It is a disaster because it was set up poorly causing decisions by the policy sellers, policy buyers, and regulators to cause this mess.  Aetna did not do it to Obamacare.  Obamacare did it to Aetna and the rest of the country.

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