Breaking Windows with Russ and Ron

Kevin Williamson has a nice story at NRO about the Obama Administration breaking windows.  The administration is making trucks more expensive and old ones obsolete by requiring new fuel consumption standards.  Kevin reports:

Brady Dennis of the Washington Post reports that the new fuel-efficiency standards will add about $14,000 to the price of a big rig — or $28 billion, more than a third of the commercial-trucking industry’s annual revenue and many times more than its annual profit.

Sidebar: The broken windows fallacy (or Katrina or the riots in Milwaukee were a good thing) is that non-creative destruction leads to the use of resources to fix them.  See the link for a more detailed explanation.  End Sidebar.

Here in Wisconsin we are locked in the Senate battle with Russ and Ron.  We have not seen either candidate mention this.  What are the odds that Russ wants to drive some truckers out of business and distract the truck manufacturers and Ron wants to leave them to their on devices.  We will give odd.  We hope you will support Ron.  We need people in DC who are not there to enforce their preferences on entire industries.


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