Holman Jenkins at his best in the WSJ:

Sadly, the media have proved unable to explain the finer points of pharmaceutical pricing. Not that we blame the media: health-care pricing is complicated and subject to Reporter Complexity Refusal Syndrome.

And yet the essential matter is not complicated. It can be explained in a sentence: Six hundred dollars is the price we want insurers to pay.

You should read the whole thing but it is that simple.  We love Reporter Complexity Refusal Syndrome (RCRS).  Now when you are reading something that is avoiding the obvious you can think, “Ah, RCRS.”  We only have one edit:

So if you don’t like how much your EpiPen costs, elect different politicians (except for dad [and Ron Johnson]).

We added the last three words in [].  Ron is a market oriented guy whereas his opponent, Russ (we got rid of him in 2010), is not.  Moving further away from a market system has caused more problems.  Moving back will reduce them.

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