Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is a really neat movie.  Meryl Streep is the title character with Hugh Grant as her husband and Simon Helberg from the Big Bang Theory as her piano player.   It is a really neat movie because it is funny but at the same time it punctures movie and TV stereotypes.  For example Motive (episode 47, Foreign Relations) has to have white Christians as terrorists.  The ad for a show after that showed modern Nazis as another goto solution for bad guys.  Most TV and many movies are too predictable about where our sympathies should lie.

Prepare to be surprised at the movies when you watch Florence.  We are not giving much away but one of the first things we see is that Florence is sick.  We are not given details but it looks like cancer and we assume it is.  It is not cancer and that is just one of the things that makes this movie interesting and unpredictable.  The humans are equally surprising.  Florence and her husband have hidden depths that are revealed in the story.  Even the ditzy blonde has them.  Who knew the affluent could be interesting?  Go see it and enjoy it.


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