New Tricks And Herself

We just watched Series 9, Episode 3 of New Tricks.  New Tricks is a British crime show with, usually, three retired male detectives led by a woman, Sandra Pullman that investigate cold cases. In this particular episode:

Sandra reopens inquiries into the suspected suicide of a Foreign Office diplomat, whose body was found in a frozen London lake after she had suffered the personal tragedy of a miscarriage and the professional embarrassment of having a government laptop stolen from her home.

Now we hear that Hillary has lost a laptop, several pads, and an astonishing number of phones.  The New Tricks diplomat lost her promotion because of the laptop being stolen from her despite the fact there was not supposed to be any classified information on the laptop.  What would be the penalty for losing something like a score of devices?

We see plot devices like this all the time although you might need to watch British stuff.  How come we don’t recognize the significance of what happened with Hillary?  Perhaps we just need to pay attention.


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