Instapundit Exonerated By TN

As we suggested, the University of Tennessee could do itself and academia a whole lot of good by doing this:

Following Professor Glenn Reynolds’s tweet and my public response last week, I began an investigation that included an examination of the facts, policies in the university’s Faculty Handbook, and the law. I discussed the situation with Professor Reynolds, university leadership, and General Counsel. I also sought feedback from College of Law students, staff, faculty, the Alumni Council and Dean’s Circle, and other UT Law alumni. As a lawyer and a law school dean, I know that gathering information and upholding the principles of due process are absolutely necessary in a situation like this.

In short, no disciplinary action will be taken against Professor Reynolds. The tweet was an exercise of his First Amendment rights. Nevertheless, the tweet offended many members of our community and beyond, and I understand the hurt and frustration they feel.

Well done Dean Wilson.  We would have left out the last sentence but that is a minor quibble.  She has helped her school and improved our standing in the community.  For once academics look serious.

Update: We disagree with David French at the NRO Corner:

It was unwise to commence an investigation in the first place, but UT reached the right resolution very quickly.

We know universities.  Being found innocent is a very positive thing.  If Tennessee did not do this then it would have hung around Instapundit’s neck forever.  Dean Wilson did him an extraordinary favor by resolving it quickly to his benefit.

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