Rotator Cuffs

Over at PowerLine, Ammo Grrrll has had some rotator cuff problems:

I tore my rotator cuff, a cuff whose existence I was blissfully unaware of previously. Are there other important cuffs in the body?

We have great sympathy for rotator cuff injuries.  Unlike Ammo Grrrll, handball players are acutely aware of their rotator cuffs.  You use both hands (and arms and shoulders) to play so an injury to either is devastating and common but an injury to your dominant hand is the worst possible case.  As Ammo Grrrll recounts, the speed of recovery is glacial and weeks or months without handball is far, far less of a life.  As it happens, two weeks ago the best handball player in the city injured his right (and dominant) rotator cuff.  We were playing doubles against him and he tried to help his partner when he hit his partner with his hand on a swing and the rotator cuff could not take the stress of the swing being stopped.  It won’t be speedy so we hope all the recoveries will be full.


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