Obamacare Reporting

The Associated Press tries to support Obamacare as best it can.  First, it is a health report rather than news or politics.  Second, is the passive headline: Obama Health Plan Hit By Double-digit Increases.  As it happens, the double-digit that they report is 25.  As the WSJ data below on 27 year-olds implies, this is a massive wealth transfer from the poor (young) to the rich (old).

Sidebar: If the average is 25 percent and young people are often paying 50 percent more then somebody must be paying less than 25 percent more.  Those folks are likely to be old.  End Sidebar.

The other part is passive “hit by”.  Caused would be a better choice.  It would be less editorial but still have a little juice in it.

Third, is this from the first paragraph:

That’s sure to stoke another “Obamacare” controvery days before a presidential election.

So the problem with the disaster of Obamacare is that it will cause problems for Democrats.  A WSJ editorial (identified as such) gives us some more data:

HHS also disclosed the premium jumps for a 27-year-old buying the second-cheapest silver plan in individual states. Our condolences for such young people in Arizona, where their premiums will climb by 116%. Likewise for Oklahoma (69%), Tennessee (63%) and Minnesota (59%).

Obviously, the WSJ is picking the worst numbers for Obamacare.  Interestingly, the young people who are getting the pointed end of Democratic policies are voting for Democrats.  The old folk escape the brunt of this Democrat policy.  As the WSJ points out, it would be nice if the candidates were debating how to address the failure of Obamacare.


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