Hello From Flyover Country

Today Henry Olsen has his election predictions in NRO.  Part or it is this:

Donald Trump has spent the last month crisscrossing America and stopping at places that normally never see presidential candidates, like Eau Claire, Wis. All the off-the-beaten-track places where he’s campaigning are bastions of whites without a college degree

One out of three is good for a hitter but not very good for reporting.  Yes, here on the west coast of Wisconsin we are a bastion of whiteness.

Sidebar One: The east coast of Wisconsin is Lake Michigan.  The west coast is the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers.  End Sidebar One.

La Crosse and Eau Claire share much more in common besides their two word French names, TV stations, and being river cities in western Wisconsin.  According to Wikipedia, La Crosse is 90% white and Eau Claire is 91% white.  Eau Claire is a slightly bigger city but La Crosse is a bigger metro population.  Henry is right we are a bastion of whiteness out here.  But he is wrong about college education and seeing presidential candidates.  We see lots of presidential candidates in this neck of the woods.  Tim Kaine was in La Crosse yesterday.  Trump was in La Crosse for the Wisconsin Primary.  The Lady de Gloves saw Obama here.  The candidates get exposure to three contested states by visiting this part of the world.

Sidebar Two: Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota all receive news from Western Wisconsin.  Both sides visited or planned to visit them (Tim Kaine cancelled Iowa after the police shooting) in the closing days so the candidates see uncertainty there.  End Sidebar Two.

According to the US Department of Education, Wisconsin is above average in the percentage of college graduates. Both Eau Claire and La Crosse are university towns.  The University of Wisconsin branches there are large (15-20%) compared to the population of the towns.  Neither one is the place you would pick to meet folks with a college education.

Henry is right that Trump will win the white vote and especially the white vote without college education.  Eau Claire is not a particularly good example of the latter.  Candidates seem to have a predilection for cities like Eau Claire.  We hope he is equally wrong about his Senate predictions.  Vote Ron.


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